Thank You For Your Feedback About Whether the College Ought to Regulate Physiotherapy Clinics

Thank you for all your input on the issue of whether the College ought to regulate clinics. We left the blog post up for longer than usual because new comments kept coming in.

The College will be exploring the potential for clinic regulation over the next few years. Watch Perspectives or the website for updates on our activities and opportunities to continue to be involved in conversations about this topic. Please be patient, though, because regulation of clinics would require change to the legislation itself and that process can take many years.


7 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Feedback About Whether the College Ought to Regulate Physiotherapy Clinics

  1. In Texas, there is specific regulation about outpatient physiotherapy clinics. They require a physiotherapist to be in charge of physiotherapy clinic to be able to get physiotherapy clinic license.
    Please review the Texas Physical Therapy Board of Examiners information.


    • I think in order to provide more protection to physiotherapist, outpatient physiotherapy clinics should have a license number to appear on any communications with payers, other healthcare professionals and third-party payers.


    • From Texas board of Physiotherapy

      “On-site is defined as “on the premises and readily available to respond.” On-site supervision is required for those working with a temporary license, as well as for PT aides. Generally, on-site means in the same building; however, the size of the building, the acuteness of the patient, and other factors that are unique to each situation may affect the definition in each case. If the supervising PT or PTA is in one building and the temporarily-licensed person or aide is in another building providing physical therapy services, that does not qualify as on-site supervision. The supervisor must be readily available, and within reasonable proximity. See the Board rules, §321.1

      They have clearly defined about PTA supervision compare to our college website. How come our college doesn’t mandate onsite supervision for PTA’s.

      This is our association/college’s Mantra



  2. I saw Shenda’s response that indicates clinic regulation may take a very long time; however, I am wondering if removing our registration numbers from the College’s website (as I mentioned in an earlier post) could be addressed interim, as it is a substantive issue. As I mentioned in the previous post, requests for registration numbers should be directed to College staff who can determine if the number should be provided on a case-by-case basis.


  3. Could the College please provide a response to my post above regarding the feasibility of removing registration numbers from the website. Thanks.


  4. Although I cannot answer every question posted in the comments section, please know that I do read your comments and I’m most appreciative of you taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions on this blog. If you would like to further discuss your thoughts, please feel free to call or email me directly as I am always happy to chat.


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